AOGS2022 eBook Extended Abstract Volume
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This will be a collection of the Extended Abstracts of presentations given at AOGS2022 Virtual, the 19th Annual Meeting of the Asia Oceania Geosciences Society.

Proceedings of the 19th Annual Meeting of the Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS 2022) Conference
Submit Online to AOGS MARS: Opens 19 May 2022; Closes 19 Aug 2022
MUST READ: Instructions for Authors

Instructions for Authors

1.  Eligibility & Conditions

1.1. Only authors whose accepted abstracts have been presented at the AOGS2022 Virtual are eligible to publish of their presented abstracts in the AOGS Extended Abstracts volume.
1.2. All authors have to submit their consent forms to AOGS in order to have their Abstracts included in the eBook of Extended Abstracts. The authors must obtain all clearances related to the publication.
1.3. Camera-ready article submission is on an OPT-IN basis. Upon submission of the complete volume of Extended Abstracts, the publisher will require about 8 weeks to upload the entire volume online.

2.  Publisher & Services

The eBook of Abstracts will be produced in partnership with World Scientific Publishing Co (WSPC) to deliver these services:

2.1. Tagging Abstract’s metadata (article title, author, key words, abstract) in XML individually with its own DOI.
2.2. Enabling perpetual access of published Abstracts on the CC BY-NC-ND platform (
2.3. Perpetual maintenance of the published Abstracts including migration to new formats and technologies.
2.4. Distribution to Abstract & Indexing service providers and search engines to enhance discoverability.
2.5. Distribution to third party online vendors for maximum exposure in required formats and metadata
2.6. Creation of MARC record for distribution purposes.
2.7. Provision of archival service at Portico

3.  Style Guide and Article Submission Instructions

3.1. Authors are to prepare their Abstracts according to the templates provided
Please submit the final version of your Abstract in Editable MS Word and PDF. Incomplete submissions will not be entertained.
3.2. Each Abstract is to have a minimum of 500-1000 words.
The maximum is 3 x A4 sized pages, single-spaced including figures, tables and graphs.
3.3. The Abstract must contain original material. When reproducing parts of the Abstract from published sources, authors are to ensure that all copyright issues pertaining to the use of this material are fully cleared and the original source fully acknowledged in the caption.
3.4. Embedded figures and tables must be legible.

4.  Submission: Opens 19 May 2022, Closes 19 Aug 2022

4.1. Click on the URL below to log-in with your email and password
4.2. On the left menu, click on "Submit Extended Abstract"
  • Complete Consent to Publish Form
  • Upload Your Extended Abstract