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*After this date, fee increases and abstracts not associated with any registrant will be deleted from the program

Submit Abstracts – How to Get Started
  1. You will need your user account to log on to MARS (Management And Review of Submissions)
  2. Existing users may use the same email/password
    (E.g. if you had attended a previous meeting or signed up for e-newsletter)
  3. First time users, please sign up for a user account at the MARS log-in page here
  4. Modify/Edit User Details
    • Log on to MARS with your email and password
    • On the left menu, click "My Profile"
    • Update, change personal particulars
    • Click submit to complete the update
Pay Abstract Processing Fee/Upload Abstract
  1. Amount payable is SGD35 per abstract and the maximum limit is 2 abstracts per submitting author
  2. The fee is non-refundable and not waived under almost any circumstances especially for withdrawn/rejected abstracts or for successful registration fee waiver applicants.
  3. Accepts: MasterCard / Visa/ UnionPay / Diners Club / Discover / Alipay / WeChat Pay / AMEX / JCB
    Important Note for Visa and MasterCard Users – Additional Digital Payment Security Feature with effect from 16 Oct 2021
    For securing card-not-present (CNP) transactions against fraud, Visa and Master Cards are required to be 3-D Secure enabled or payment requests will be declined.
    If yet to, please get in touch with your card issuer/bank to request for your credit card to be 3-D Secure enabled.
  4. Instructions
    - Click “Session List” on left menu to view the sessions
    - Click “My Abstracts” on left menu and follow the on-screen instructions to submit your abstract
    • Read the important notes and proceed to Step 1
    • Step 1 & 2: Submit Author Particulars & Billing Information
    • Step 3: Select payment method & pay for abstract processing fee
    • Step 4 & 5: Enter abstract and author details
    Each abstract will be assigned an Abstract ID. Please quote this when making enquiries By submitting the abstract, you are granting AOGS to publish and disseminate it electronically

Abstract Submission - Required Information
    • You will be required to provide
      - Abstract Title
      - Main/Lead Author – Minimum information requirement
      1. Name
      2. Affiliation/Organization
      3. Job Title
      4. Contact Email
      5. Choose ONE Primary Section & ONE Secondary Section
    • Abstract should contain text only and may not exceed 300 words
    • All co-authors must be added to prevent omission from all publications and the author index.
      Simply use the “Edit” function (see also 2 below) and follow the steps below to add co-authors:
      • In text box provided, input co-author’s email address. Click on "Search" (at page bottom)
      • If an existing user - the system will display the user information.
        Click on "Add This User" to include the co-author.
      • If not an existing user – you will be required to input the co-author’s particulars. Upon submission,
        - A user account is automatically created and the user added to the author list.
        - System will auto-trigger verification email to the new user.
    • MARS is the society’s online submission system and everyone needs a user account to perform common tasks here – View/edit abstract details, Register for conference (and pay fees), View/download/print presentation schedule, invoices, receipts, attendance proof, Upload presentation files, etc.
      1. User accounts are personal to holders. Thus, except for the user, access to the individual’s personal page is strictly forbidden. For corrections and changes to be made, you may email AOGS Secretariat for assistance to
      2. Users may make changes/corrections to their personal page on MARS. Simply log-in on MARS using your email and password. Click on “My Profile” on the left menu and make the desired changes to your personal particulars

    Examples: Change abstract title, modify abstract contents, add/remove/re-order authors, withdraw abstract, etc.
    • You can modify, resubmit your abstract anytime but it must be before the submission deadline
    • Under "Author Options", click "My Abstracts" to view your abstract submission(s).
    • Click Abstract ID to access full abstract details, including all editing functions.

    • Conveners and/or Section Presidents will review abstracts for contents and scientific merits
    • The review decision will be either "Accepted" or "Rejected"
    • Presentation mode (Oral or Poster) will be decided at the time of session scheduling
      Author’s preferred presentation mode is usually honored though not guaranteed to be satisfied
    • Acceptance is on condition that at least one author attends the meeting to present the accepted abstract.
    • English shall be the official language throughout the meeting

    Term Meaning
    Unpaid Abstract processing fee needs to be paid. This is a condition of your abstract submission
    Active Abstract submission is complete
    Pending Abstract submission is incomplete
    Accepted The abstract has been accepted for presentation at the meeting.
    Rejected In the reviewer’s opinion, your abstract is unsuitable for presentation at the meeting
    Withdrawn After the abstract has been successfully submitted, it is removed from the abstract list.
    The paid abstract processing fee cannot be refunded.

    1. Authors whose abstracts are accepted must register their meeting attendance by author registration deadline
    2. Each paid fee covers 1 Presentation Only. If presenting a second accepted abstract; an additional fee is payable. Maximum total is 2 presentations.
    3. At the time of registration, ID of the abstracts to be presented must be provided
    4. By default, the registrant is deemed to be the presenter. This can be the author or a co-author.
    5. Abstracts whose authors did not register to attend the meeting risk being withdrawn.

Abstract Processing Fee Payment Terms & Cancellations
  1. Amount payable is SGD35 per abstract and the maximum limit is 2 abstracts per submitting author
  2. The fee is non-refundable and not waived under almost any circumstances especially for withdrawn/rejected abstracts or for successful registration fee waiver applicants.

Enquiries & Assistance

Any payment related disputes/queries and chargebacks will be handle by Meeting Matters International Pte Ltd.
For enquiry on registration and payment, please contact:
AOGS Secretariat at Meeting Matters International
Address: #06-23 ONE COMMONWEALTH, 1 Commonwealth Lane, Singapore 149544
Tel: +65 6472 3108
Fax: +65 6472 3208