Congratulations to the AOGS2022 Top Conveners!


Main Convener


AS09 Observations, Remote Sensing, and Modeling of Tropospheric Composition and Air Quality in Asia and the Transpacific Region

The University of Iowa

Huizheng CHE, Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences
Richard ECKMAN, National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Jhoon KIM, Yonsei University
Jing WEI, The University of Iowa

AS11 The Science and Prediction of Tropical Cyclones

Chun-Chieh WU,
National Taiwan University

Kosuke ITO, University of the Ryukyus
Jeff KEPERT, Bureau of Meteorology Research
Yuqing WANG, Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences
Zhuo WANG, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

ST30 Recent Advancements on the Plasma Physics of the Inner Heliosphere

Tieyan WANG,
Yunnan University

Die DUAN, Peking University
Georgios NICOLAOU, University College London
Honghong WU, Peking University

OS01 Coastal Processes: Lab Experiment, Numerical Modeling, Field Survey and New Approaches

Xiaojing NIU,
Tsinghua University

Haijiang LIU, Zhejiang University
Peter NIELSEN, The University of Queensland
Shinji SATO, Kochi University of Technology
Huabin SHI, University of Macau

AS08 Future of Cities within the Context of Climate Change

Quang-Van DOAN,
University of Tsukuba

Fei CHEN, National Center for Atmospheric Research
Hiroyuki KUSAKA, University of Tsukuba
Matthias ROTH, National University of Singapore
Jiachuan YANG, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

ST01 Particle Acceleration and Transport at the Sun and in the Heliosphere

Linghua WANG,
Peking University

Gang LI, The University of Alabama in Huntsville
Kyoko WATANABE, National Defense Academy of Japan

AS63 Monitoring, Analysis, and Prediction of Typhoon and Climate Affecting Taiwan and the Philippines

Mong-Ming LU,
National Taiwan University

Esperanza CAYANAN, Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration
Chin-Tzu FONG, Central Weather Bureau

HS07 Climate Change Impacts on Regional Hydrological Issues: Projections and Adaptation Strategies

Shuichi KURE,
Toyama Prefectural University

Idham Riyando MOE, Ministry of Public Works and Housing
Yoshiya TOUGE, Tohoku University

ST32 Monitoring Space Weather and Geospace Hazards with the International Meridian Circle Project

Michel BLANC,
Research Institute in Astrophysics and Planetology

Jiuhou LEI, University of Science and Technology of China
Hermann OPGENOORTH, University of Umea

AS03 The Asian Monsoon: Past, Present and the Future

Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology

Kyung-Ja HA, Pusan National University
Jai-Ho OH, Prof Emeritus & CEO Nano C&W
Indrani ROY, University College London
Renguang WU, Zhejiang University