Session Proposals Review

Program Committee
Key Dates Processes
05 Aug 2023 – 03 Oct 2023 Invite Session Proposals
03 Oct 2023 – 13 Oct 2023 Prevent Duplication of Content or Topics
Evaluate Proposals and Decide Review Outcome
17 Oct 2023 Review Outcome to Proposers
Accepted Proposals Announced to Attract Abstracts
17 Oct 2023 – 02 Jan 2024 Abstract Submission
Application: Reduced Fee, Student Volunteer Fee Waiver
02 Jan 2024 – 23 Jan 2024 Drop-dead Date: 23 Jan 2024
Conveners Complete All Abstract Reviews
Application Processing for Reduced Fees & Student Volunteer Fee Waivers
Conveners Assign AOGS Comps or Share Will be Forfeited
09 Jan 2024 Sections Receive Timeslot Allocation from Program Chair
09 Jan 2024 – 23 Jan 2024 Section Presidents Decide Session's Presentation Date & Time
As directed by the Section Presidents, Secretariat Activates Online Scheduler in MARS.
30 Jan 2024 Inform AOGS Comps and Results for Reduced Fee & Student Volunteer Applications
Inform Results of Abstract Reviews
30 Jan 2024 – 27 Feb 2024 Drop-dead Date: 27 Feb 2024
Conveners Line Up Presentations in MARS and Assign Session Chairs
02 Mar 2024 – 03 Mar 2024 Council Approves Program
05 Mar 2024 AOGS Comps, Reduced Fee & Student Volunteers: Must Complete Registration
19 Mar 2024 Sections (& Sessions) Complete All Chair Assignments
20 Mar 2024 Inform Author/Presenter Presentation Schedule
26 Mar 2024 Delete from Program; Accepted Abstracts Not Covered by Any Registration
27 Mar 2024 – 10 Apr 2024 Sections (Conveners) Fill Gaps/Adjust Programs
24 Apr 2024 Program E-Guide on Web

Instructions for Session Proposal Reviews
  1. Log in to MARS.
  2. Under Committee Options on the left menu, click “Session Proposal” → “List”.
  3. From the drop-down list, select the Section you are in charge of (e.g., "SE - Solid Earth"), and click “List”. This will display the list of session proposals submitted to your Section.
  4. Click the Session Code, e.g., "SE01", to view the session proposal details.
  5. On top of the page, click “Review” beside Session Proposal Status.
  6. Select the Decision ("Accept" / "Reject" / "Merge"). Comments to conveners are optional. Click “Save” to save the Decision.
  7. Repeat Steps 4 to 6 for all the session proposals.
  8. Please note that the decisions entered online are "tentative" until conveners have been notified. This means that the review result & comments are not immediately visible to the conveners.
  9. Notifications will be sent out by Secretariat.

Session Proposal Status
1. Accept: The Session Proposal will be accepted.
  • The proposal is then included in the session listing for abstract submission.
  • After acceptance, Conveners can login to MARS, edit the Sessions using these steps:
    On the left menu, under Convener Options → My Sessions.

Note: Edit function to the original session will be deactivated i.e. you cannot make changes to the original session proposal.

2. Reject: The Session Proposal will be rejected.
  • Editing cannot be allowed to the rejected session proposal.
3. Merge
  • An auto-generated message containing the Section President’s request will be emailed to the Conveners whose sessions are to be merged.
  • If both sides accept the request, then the Section President needs inform the Secretariat for execution.

  • All “merge” decisions will require approval of the Section Presidents and be informed to the Secretariat by email to
  • All “merge” decisions can be executed by Secretariat only.
  • Until then, the session proposals will remain in the “Active” stage i.e. they are still editable.

Communicating with the Program Chair

Development of the scientific program begins as soon as abstract submission closes. The Program Chair will start allocating meeting room space and what each Section receives will vary according to the number of accepted abstracts for each Section. Please be sure to contact the Program Chair for your needs and requests.