AOGS2023│30 July to 04 August 2023, SUNTEC Singapore

1. Session Chair
  1. If you are not able to chair the session, kindly make arrangements ahead of time and inform the Convener(s) concerned.
  2. There will be a minimum of one Session Assistant (Student Volunteer) in each room and it is the assistant’s duty to assist you and presenting authors. Please instruct him/her accordingly.
  3. Please arrive at meeting room at least 10 to 15 minutes before and verify attendance of speakers.
  4. Only participants with AOGS2023 name badge may be permitted in the room. This is a security procedure and its compliance will be greatly appreciated by all attendees.
2. Chairing Guidelines
  1. At the outset inform all presenters to stick to the allocated time. Total duration is 15-minutes per contributed talk and 20-minutes for invited talks, including Q&A and speaker changeover.
  2. Please introduce each speaker at the beginning of each presentation.
  3. DO stick to original schedule and stay on time.
    Show the timeout placards to warn presenters. If needed, tell the speaker to stop.
  4. DO engage audience in discussion to use up spare time if any.
  5. DO note that conference policy prohibits the recording or disseminating of any individuals’ presentation without consent. Unauthorized photography and video recording are strictly disallowed.
3. Report AV Breakdown and Emergency Contact
Either: Approach Session Assistant (if any) in the Room or the Team Leads
Badge Concierge: Faith LEE +65 9457 0819
Poster Session: Esther LAU +65 9459 9360
Meeting Rooms: Gordon GOH +65 8298 9133
Event Director: Ee Sia TAN +65 9430 7820
Email Ops Team: