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Code of Conduct for AOGS

(Year Instituted: 2022)

Expected behavior

  1. Above all, treat everyone with respect.
  2. Respect your fellow participants by using good practices for intercultural collaborations.
  3. Commit to actively contribute to an inclusive, equitable, and accessible meeting. Demonstrate support for your colleagues, including acting on behalf of others unwilling or unable to advocate for themselves.
  4. Provide your true professional identity, affiliation, and, where appropriate, contact information, at registration, and during attendance and participatory sessions, as required.
  5. Follow the rules for copying and use of presented materials and ideas as indicated by the AOGS guideline posted on the website. Unless otherwise noted, photographing posters or oral presentations is not permitted.
  6. Follow the rules and policies of the meeting venue, hotels, AOGS contracted facilities, online platform, or any other venues.
  7. Be Accountable: When these guidelines aren’t met, work with others to identify problems and adjust policy and practice together. Calmly consider your actions when challenged by someone who feels that those actions have caused harm. When needed, seek mediation to resolve disagreements, and participate fully in it.

Examples of unacceptable behavior

Consequences and reporting unacceptable behavior

Anyone who is asked to cease unacceptable behavior is expected to comply immediately. Anyone violating the Code of Conduct may be removed from the meeting and their registration forfeited. Egregious behavior may result in bans from future AOGS meetings or other sanctions, depending on the specifics. Expulsion will also place the offender’s AOGS membership in probationary status, with reinstatement conditioned upon explaining to the AOGS council in writing the problem, who was hurt, the steps that were taken to make amends, and how further incidents will be avoided in the future.

If you experience or witness behavior that constitutes an immediate or serious threat to public safety at an on-site meeting, contact the local authorities or if in a convention center, locate a house phone and ask for security. Please report other incidents or suspected incidents to AOGS staff, leadership, or security. Harmful behavior will also not be tolerated in during online events. Concerns should be reported to AOGS executive leadership in attendance (Presidents, Vice Presidents, etc…).

Acknowledgement and agreement to abide by this AOGS Meetings and Events Code of Conduct is a condition of attending AOGS meetings.