Interdisciplinary Panel

Coastal Issues – SOS (Support Ocean Sustainability)
01 August (Tuesday) | 1:10 – 3:10pm │MR335
Invited Speakers: Gizem Mestav SARICA, Aon Singapore
El Lynn YEOH, Prudential Insurance
Hsiao-Wen WANG, National Cheng-Kung University
Punyasloke BHADURY, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Kolkata
Phaik Eem LIM, University of Malaya

Our geosciences affect our communities in many ways, especially the coastal communities. Our coastal environment has been degrading through beach erosion, plastic waste and other pollutants. Along with bleaching of reefs, these conditions have negatively impacted and sometimes endangered marine wildlife and coastal communities. Sea level changes are also affecting the coasts and coastal communities. Typically, scientists work in isolation, with little interaction with non-scientists. This panel will bring coastal scientists together with non-scientists (i.e. economists, engineers, public policy makers, insurers) working in industries affected by climate change in order to bridge this gap. We hope that this will lead to future collaborations and data exchanges for everyone’s benefits.