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Australia's Visa Requirements

All delegates to Australia must have a valid visa to travel to and enter Australia. The exception to this is New Zealand passport holders who will normally be granted a Special Category visa on arrival in Australia. We recommend that you apply not less than six (6) weeks prior to your departure date.

Delegates from some countries will need an official letter of invitation and/or confirmation of conference registration to be provided with their visa application. These letters can only be provided after clearance of registration fee payment. The visa application process differs depending on your country of residence and the location of the nearest Australian embassy, consulate or high commission. For citizens of some countries, applying for an Australian visa is a simple and quick on-line process. In other cases, application forms and an interview may be involved. Please visit the Australian Government's Department of Immigration website at the address shown below – there you will find detailed information on the visa application process applicable to you.

The following information on Australia's visa requirements is provided specifically for delegates attending AOGS 2013 Congress in Brisbane, drawn from Australia's visa options for business events such as conferences, meetings or seminars which are available at: Please also see the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship and the website:

Visa Options - On-line or Paper-based

On-line Applications

ETA Eligible Countries

Passport holders from Electronic Authority Travel (ETA) countries are able to apply for a visa on-line to travel to and enter Australia. Applicants should apply for their visa at least 2 weeks of their intended date of travel to Australia.

* A Hong Kong Document of Identity (HKDI) cannot be used to apply for an ETA. Residents of Hong Kong require a citizen passport to apply for this visa.
** Holders of Chinese Taipei passports can only be processed for an ETA if residing and applying in Chinese Taipei. Applications can be lodged with an approved ETA travel agent in Chinese Taipei, or Australian visa services office in Chinese Taipei.

Paper-based Applications

All other passport holders need to submit a paper-based application for a Business Visit - Visitor visa (subclass 600). Applicants should apply for their visa at least 6-8 weeks of their intended date of travel to Australia.
A visa application charge of AUD115 will need to be paid when applying for this visa.

For more information:
To find an Australian visa office nearest to your current place of residence:


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