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Competition for Best Student Poster Award

Congratulations to the winners of the AOGS2013 Best Student Poster Competition!

AS | BG | HS | IG | OS | PS | ST | SE | Award Criteria & Competition Rules

Atmospheric Sciences (AS)

Seungwon Chung

Ewha Womans University, South Korea
AS12-D4-PM2-P-013 - Sensitivity Analysis on a Vegetation Parameter for Evaluation of Phenology Representation of the Noah-MP Model
Co-authored with:
Seumgbum Hong, Seon Ki Park
Ewha Womans University, South Korea

Mi-Jin Hong
Pukyong National University, South Korea
AS20-D4-PM2-P-009 - The Effect of Eurasian Snow Depth and SST on Korean Summer Monsoon Rainfall Using the Global Model GME
Co-authored with
Min-Ah SUN1, Jai-Ho OH1, Subrat Kumar PANDA2, Sushil Kumar DASH2, Srinivasarao KARRI2
1Pukyong National University, South Korea
2Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India

Chi Kit Tang
City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR
AS02-D4-PM2-P-034 - Effect of Topography on Tropical Cyclone Tracks
Co-authored with
Johnny CHAN
City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR

Biogeosciences (BG)

Dong Li
Ocean University of China, China
BG12-D3-PM2-P-007 - Sources, Distribution and Preservation of Sedimentary Organic Matter in the Changjiang (Yangtze River) Estuary and the East China Sea Inner Continental Shelf
Co-authored with
Peng YAO, Bin ZHAO, Huihui PAN, Zhigang YU
Ocean University of China, China

Hydrological Sciences (HS)

Minh Tue Vu
Tropical Marine Science Institute, Singapore
HS01-D4-AM1-P2-007 - Use of Regional Climate Model Data for Data Sparse Trans-Boundary Regions
Co-authored with
Srivatsan RAGHAVAN, Shie-Yui LIONG
National University of Singapore, Singapore

Interdisciplinary Geosciences (IG)

Fe Corazon Loreto
University of the Philippines Diliman, Philippines
IG25-26-D2-PM2-P-010 - The Makati Pipeline Leak, Philippines: Correlation of LNAPL (Light Non-aqueous Phase Liquid) plume-spreading behaviour with rainfall-induced groundwater level fluctuations
Co-authored with:
Raymond Jasper SUNICO1, Davee Drake MEDINA2, Carlo ARCILLA1
1University of the Philippines Diliman, Philippines
2Geoscience Foundation, National Institute of Geological Sciences, Philippines

Ocean Sciences (OS)

Guojian Wang
CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research, Australia / Ocean University of China, China
OS10-D3-PM2-P-028 - Multidecadal Variability of the Relationship Between the Southern Annular Mode and Global Mean Temperature: Causes and Implications
Co-authored with:
Wenju CAI
Ocean University of China, China

Planetary Sciences (PS)

Hiroki Ando
The University of Tokyo, Japan
PS03-D3-PM2-P-029 - Vertical Wavenumber Spectra of Gravity Waves in Terrestrial Planetary Atmospheres
Co-authored with:
Takeshi IMAMURA1, Silvia TELLMANN2, Martin PÄTZOLD2, Bernd HÄUSLER3
1Institute of Space and Astronautical Science/Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Japan
2Rhenish Institute for Environmental Research, Germany
3University of the Bundeswehr Munich, Germany

Solar & Terrestrial Sciences (ST)

Nai-Hwa Chen
National Central University, Taiwan
ST28-D2-PM2-P-014 - Multi-wavelength Observations on Dynamic Evolution of Flare-ignited Type-III Radio Bursts
Co-authored with:
Wing-Huen IP
National Central University, Taiwan

Solid Earth Sciences (SE)

Hisashi Asanuma
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
SE26-D4-PM2-P-016 - Determination of Cosmogenic Material in Deep-sea Sediments based on Platinum Group Element Abundances

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