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AOGS Funding Support

  1. Complimentary Registration (AOGS Comps)
    • For every 20 accepted abstracts, 1 complimentary registration provided to the Session Convener for deciding the recipient.
    • Total funding available is up to 120 complimentary registrations.

    Deadlines for Conveners
    Abstract Acceptance - 26 Feb 2013
    Decide AOGS Comps Recipient - 05 Mar 2013
    Inform AOGS Comps Recipient - 12 Mar 2013

    Registration by AOGS Comps Recipient By 23 Apr 2013 or the offer will lapse

    How the scheme operates

    For each session, the quota of AOGS Comps is auto-computed after abstract review is completed and only authors with an accepted abstract can be considered. Convener(s) can access this information on MARS.

    The Convener needs decide and make the selection online. Once selected, the registration fee of the AOGS Comps recipient will automatically be set to zero.

    Secretariat Office should inform the selected individual as early as possible.

    The recipient must be an author-presenter and the benefit is not transferable.

    AOGS Comps Recipients need complete registration by 23 Apr 2013 or the offer will lapse.

    Enquires & Assistance
    Please contact AOGS Secretariat by email to:

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  2. Reduced Registration Fee
  3. AOGS has a reduced fee scheme which is applicable to both standard and student rate. AOGS will set aside funding support for up to 10% of eligible participants to receive reduced fee status.

    Eligibility for the reduced fee scheme is restricted to scientists working in less wealthy countries, as defined by the World Bank list of low income and lower middle income countries. Information about the classification procedure is provided at: There are 91 countries defined as low or lower-middle income, including 34 countries in the Asia Oceania region. These are listed below by alphabetical order by category.

    If there are more applicants for the reduced fee scheme than funding available, selection criteria will be applied. The selection process will be overseen by the Financial Support Committee which is chaired by the AOGS Treasurer. The criteria used for the selection process include assessment of the quality of the science, the value of the contribution to the conference session and the relative career stage of the applicant, with preference towards junior scientists.

    Application Closes at 12 noon on 29 Jan 2013
    Result Notification by 26 Feb 2013
    Registration and Payment by 23 Apr 2013
    Reduced Fee
    Student RateSGD175
    Standard RateSGD350

    Conditions for Application
    1. Applicants MUST be based in less wealthy countries, as defined by the World Bank list of low income and lower middle income countries. (Refer to list of countries below)
    2. Applicants MUST have an accepted abstract.
    3. Applicants must submit all required information.
    4. Application must be submitted by 12 noon on 29 Jan 2013 (Singapore time).
    5. Applications will be reviewed and successful applicants will be notified by email by 26 Feb 2013.
    6. Successful applicants must confirm their participation by 23 Apr 2013, and the payment of that registration fee must be completed by then. Otherwise the offer will lapse.
    Note: Submitting the application does NOT imply that the assistance requested will be offered.

    Applicants based in the following countries are eligible
    Low Income Low Middle Income
    Burkina FasoBhutan
    Central African RepublicCape Verde
    ChadCongo, Rep.
    ComorosCôte d'Ivoire
    Congo, Dem. RepDjibouti
    EritreaEgypt, Arab Rep.
    EthiopiaEl Salvador
    Gambia, TheFiji
    Korea, Dem Rep.Honduras
    Kyrgyz RepublicIndonesia
    MozambiqueLao PDR
    NepalMarshall Islands
    RwandaMicronesia, Fed. Sts.
    Sierra LeoneMoldova
    ZimbabwePapua New Guinea
    São Tomé and Principe
    Solomon Islands
    Sri Lanka
    Syrian Arab Republic
    West Bank and Gaza
    Yemen, Rep.

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  4. Local Advisory Committee (LAC) Student Registration Waiver Scheme for Australasian & Oceanian Students
  5. Background and Eligibility

    1. The LAC Student Registration Waiver Scheme will be implemented by the LAC in consultation with AOGS.

    2. At least 10 full student registration waivers and 30 student helper registration waivers will be available. Student helper registration will be required to work for AOGS for half the conference.

    3. Only Honours Year or Postgraduate students at Australasian (including Australia and New Zealand) and Oceanian universities can apply.

    4. Only students who are first authors on an abstract submitted to AOGS 2013 can apply - only students with abstracts accepted for presentation will be awarded these registration waivers.

    5. 10 Registration waivers (3 full and 7 student-helper) will be reserved initially for students from non-Australian institutions. Addtional registration waivers will be available for full-time student helpers.

    6. Application Process & Criteria

    7. Students apply for the scheme by sending an email that provides the required information to before the end of 22 February 2013. Applications must:

      1. state the full name of the applicant, the degree enrolled in, the year of the degree, the name and location of the applicant's university, and the name of the university department;
      2. state the Abstract number(s), title(s) and Session(s) of their submitted abstract(s);
      3. provide
        • your publication list (authors, title, journal, volume, pages, both refereed journal and conference papers, published, in press, and submitted),
        • a brief statement of the importance of the results to the session and field,
        • a brief statement of financial need, and
        • how definitely you will attend if you obtain a waiver under the LAC Student Registration Waiver scheme;
      4. state whether the application is for only a full student registration waiver, a student helper registration waiver, or a full-time student helper waiver;
      5. state which sessions they would particularly like to help with.
    8. Selection Process

    9. Registration waivers will be allocated to Sections in proportion (rounded appropriately) to the number of abstracts accepted by AOGS for each Section.

    10. LAC will rank student applications for each Section on the above application and eligibility criteria and forward names to AOGS. The LAC will check with AOGS whether abstracts have been accepted.
      Typically applications from later-stage students with important results, large financial need, and better publication records, and who will definitely attend if they receive a waiver will be ranked higher.

    11. AOGS will inform students as to whether they've received a registration waiver and of which sort.
      Please proceed to rapidly complete and submit your applications.

    12. The AOGS2013 Local Advisory Committee
      Email application to LAC

    13. Paulo VASCONCELOS [Advisor]
      University of Queensland

      Tom BEER
      Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research, CSIRO

      Sivakumar BELLIE
      University of New South Wales

      Graziella CAPRARELLI
      University of Technology, Sydney

      Jacky CROKE
      Australian Rivers Institute and Griffith University

      John LE MARSHALL
      Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research, Bureau of Meteorology

      Iver CAIRNS [Chair]
      University of Sydney

      Patrick MOSS
      The University of Queensland

      Asrar TALUKDER
      CSIRO Earth Science and Resource Engineering

      Khin ZAW
      University of Tasmania

      Kefei ZHANG
      Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University

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