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Brisbane & Beyond

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Brisbane Essential


Brisbane is the capital city of Queensland and is known to be Australia’s “most liveable city”. Brisbane City is the gateway to the sun, surf and beaches of the Sunshine and Gold Coast. You can easily travel approximately one hour north of Brisbane and experience the beaches, the picturesque scenery of the Sunshine Coast and also visit Australia’s famously known Australia Zoo. Tourists can also travel south of Brisbane and observe Queensland’s most popular surf and beaches or perhaps experience some of the Gold Coast’s attractions

Brisbane City is situated on the Brisbane River and is full of striking historic buildings with modern architecture which are best viewed by at night. You will never be bored of Brisbane as is captivated by its exciting culture, nightlife, shopping and dining experiences. Brisbane is a diverse, multicultural city however, English is the spoken language within this destination


Brisbane is a sub-tropical city with average temperatures of 10⁰C to 24⁰C throughout June as it is in winter. The weather in Brisbane is generally sunny and can get quite warm throughout the day. Don’t forget to wear SPF 30+ sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat when you are outdoors to protect yourself from the sun.

Electricity and Voltage

The voltage used is in Australia is 220-240 volts, AC 50Hz. The plug sockets tend to be 3-pronged pins more often than not, but adaptors are cheap and easy to buy.


Local currency is available in Australian dollars and cents. Dollar notes are available in denominations of $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100. Coins are in 5, 10, 20 50 cents and $1 and $2 denominations. Prices are rounded up or down to the nearest multiple of 5 cents. For example, an item marked for sale at $3.99 would require a payment of $4.00 (because there are no 1 or 2 cent coins).


A Goods and Services Tax (GST) of 10% applies to most items including hotel accommodation and restaurant meals. This will be automatically included on your bills and is included in any prices quoted in shops and restaurants. For example, you do not need to add 10% to any prices quoted.

Credit Card Charges

Major credit cards and charge cards are widely accepted. Many automatic teller machines provide currency exchange for foreign card holders.

Travellers Cheques

Travellers cheques can be exchanged for cash at banks, hotels, bureau de change booths and post offices in Brisbane’s CBD.

Banks and Automatic Teller Machines (ATM)

Banks are open from 0930 to 1600 in Brisbane Monday to Friday. Exchange facilities are available in throughout the Brisbane CBC and banks. Most branches have 24 hour Automatic Teller Machines. Teller machines are also located in many petrol stations, some convenience stores, shopping centres and licensed clubs.


Brisbane has a variety of public transport options available for your use through out the CBD and its surrounding suburbs. The public transportation system in Brisbane is easily accessible and there are a variety of public transport options available for your use including buses, trains, ferries and Taxi services.

Ferry, Bus & Train Services

Translink, Brisbane City Council and Queensland Rail operate the public transport options within Brisbane. If you’re staying at an accommodation venue near the Brisbane River you can catch the ferry to South Bank or you can catch a bus from King George Square Bus Station or the Myer Centre Bus Station to the Cultural Centre and walk to the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. Alternatively, you can board a train from Central or Roma Street Stations to South Brisbane Station which will take you near the entrance of the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

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Brisbane is serviced by several taxi companies and taxi ranks can be found at shopping centres, major precincts, Brisbane Airport, and around the city centre. Concierge services at the hotel can also arrange a taxi service for you. Please be advised there are surcharges that apply to book a taxi & through various times (such as weekends, late nights etc) check with the driver if you’re unsure.

The city's major cab companies are:

Black & White Cabs
T: 13 32 22
Oz E-Cab
T: 1300 693 222
Yellow Cab Co
T: 13 19 24
Green Cabs
T: 0447 336 222

Business Hours
Major Shopping Centres in the CBD are open*:

Mon – Thurs0900 – 1730
Friday0900 – 2100
Saturday0900 – 1700
Sunday1000 - 1600
* Times may vary depending


Smoking is not permitted in any enclosed public areas including hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs, shopping centres. Smoking is also prohibited on Queen Street Mall in Brisbane’s CBD.


Public telephones accept coins, credit cards or phone cards. Phone cards from $5 to $50 are available from newsagencies or post offices. The international connection code is 0011 followed by the country code. Country Direct (Freecall 1800 801 800) gives overseas delegates access to operators in their home country for credit card or collect calls.

Emergency Contact Details

Emergency Services (Police, Fire, or Ambulance) Ph: 000 or 112 (from your mobile).

Time Zone

Brisbane is in the Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) Zone, which is 10 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+10). Brisbane remains on Australian Eastern Standard Time throughout the year –


Gratuities for service in bars, restaurants and cafes are not typically expected in Australia. However, if you are particularly pleased with the level of service you may wish to leave a tip, but it will not be expected.

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