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Distinguished Lectures

Axford Lectures

"Recent Operational and Scientific Achievements of D/V Chikyu"

Asahiko TAIRA
Japan Agency of Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC)

Monday, 24 June 2013
From 14:45 to 15:30

Abstract | Speaker Biography

Pinxian WANG

"Climate Variability and Change"


Monday, 24 June 2013
From 15:30 to 16:45

Abstract | Speaker Biography

Section Business Meetings & Distinguished Lectures

AS | BG | HS | IG | OS | PS | ST | SE

Atmospheric Sciences (AS)

"Climate Sensitivity: What is it? What is Involved? How can it be Measured? When is it Relevant?"

Richard S. LINDZEN
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Abstract | Speaker Biography

"How Good is it? New Approaches for Forecast Verification"

Elizabeth EBERT
Centre for Australian Weather & Climate Research (CAWCR), Bureau of Meteorology

Abstract | Speaker Biography

Biogeosciences (BG)

"The Human-Perturbation of the Global Carbon Cycle and Its Management for Climate Protection"

Global Carbon Project, CSIRO Marine & Atmospheric Research

Abstract | Speaker Biography

Hydrological Sciences (HS)

"Some Water Related Challenges of Climate Change Impacts to Developing Countries in Southeast Asia"

Shie-Yui LIONG
National University of Singapore

Abstract | Speaker Biography

"Optimization Algorithms as Tools for Hydrological Science"

Joong Hoon KIM
Korea University

Abstract | Speaker Biography

Interdisciplinary Geosciences (IG)

"Lashed by Sharks, Pelted by Demons, Drowned for Apostasy: the Value of Myths that Explain Geohazards in the Asia-Pacific Region"

Patrick NUNN
The University of New England

Abstract | Speaker Biography

"Towards A Unified Geomorphology"

National University of Singapore

Abstract | Speaker Biography

Ocean Sciences (OS)

"A Decade of Argo: Achievements and Future Challenges"

CSIRO Marine & Atmospheric Research

Abstract | Speaker Biography

"Chemical Oceanography of the Japan Sea, a Unique Marginal Sea in the Northwestern Pacific"

Toshitaka GAMO
Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, University of Tokyo

Abstract | Speaker Biography

Planetary Sciences (PS)

"Planetary Plasma Acceleration and Escape Processes - Cosmic Analogies"

Rickard LUNDIN
Swedish Institute of Space Physics

Abstract | Speaker Biography

"Planetary Exploration: Indian Perspective"

Physical Research Laboratory

Abstract | Speaker Biography

Solar & Terrestrial Sciences (ST)

"Electrodynamic Coupling Processes in the Solar-terrestrial Environment"

Lou Chuang LEE
Institute of Space Science of National Central University

Abstract | Speaker Biography

"Space Physics Exploration: Basic Research with a High Public Purpose"

Daniel BAKER
LASP, University of Colorado

Abstract | Speaker Biography

Solid Earth Sciences (SE)

"The 'Strip of Fire': A volcanic second front, inboard the West Pacific 'Rim of Fire' "

University of Western Sydney

Abstract | Speaker Biography

"GGOS: An Observing System for the Geosciences"

University of New South Wales

Abstract | Speaker Biography

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