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AOGS Election of Office Bearers - 2014 to 2016


Senior Lecturer
University of New South Wales at the Australian Defense Force Academy

Three fourths of the Earth is covered by ocean and the Pacific and Indian Oceans dominate the geography of the Asia-Oceania region, playing an important role. The oceans are presently being put under unprecedented pressure by climate change and increasing population and at the same time have potential to address energy issues and resource shortages. I see one of the goals of AOGS is to develop scientific knowledge in the geosciences and provide a pool of scientific advisors to assist the countries of the region to better use ocean resources and deal with ocean concerns.

AOGS will better serve the oceanographic and geoscience communities in the Asia-Pacific region if it expands its role, increases its membership, and becomes a premier place for geoscientists to present their results. In these times of tight budgets, it makes sense to have a place closer to home than the USA or Europe for scientists from Australia, Asia, and Oceania to internationally disseminate their findings. I plan to expand the footprint of AOGS in the oceanographic sciences, first focussing on Australia by partnering with AMOS (Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society). I have been on the AMOS’ national council for 5 years, which will facilitate this collaboration. I will also use my connections to Indonesia from my research on the Indonesian seas to enlarge the role of AOGS in the Indonesian oceanographic community. My university has strong ties to China and I will utilize these ties to amplify the role of AOGS in the oceanographic community in China. I have strong ties to Japanese researchers, which are already very active in AOGS. I also hope to expand my connections to Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, India, Taiwan, Malaysia and other countries with oceanographic research in the region.


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