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AOGS Election of Office Bearers - 2014 to 2016


Kun-Yeun Han(CV)
Professor of Civil Engineering
Kyungpook National University

I felt highly honored to learn that I was nominated as a candidate of the President of the Hydrological Science (HS) Section of AOGS. The following represents my vision and plans for AOGS HS Section and biography.

Vision & Plans for AOGS and HS Section

AOGS is an international network of multidisciplinary experts on various areas of geosciences. It provides a global, knowledge based, forum for bridging science and technology by connecting professionals, students, individuals, and institutions who are concerned with the sustainable study on Geoscience area.
The two most important functions of AOGS are the annual meetings and the publications of Advances in Geosciences. The annual meetings and the publications provide excellent opportunities for members to get acquainted with others. However, these types of exposures to AOGS may not give sufficient chance to many members. If I am elected, I’ll try to promote more interactions, on-line and/or off-line, among HS Section members. I’ll organize the events and/or sessions at the international and regional levels that focus on improving science/technology exchange and that promote multi-disciplinary approaches.
Each area of Geosciences is closely related, and their temporal and spatial studies are also important. The collaboration works of AOGS with EGU and AGU are strongly required since the global climate change is the world’s greatest challenge. I’ll try my best to make a international forum for discussion(for example, roundtable meeting) on the common issues including climate change, water securities and water disaster at the annual conference. It will truly helpful to understand that each continent’s strategies and experiences to prepare the future environment.
I plan to positively contribute to the doubling participants of the HS section by networking and encouraging Asian water resources societies as the president of KWRA(Korea Water Resources Association). I will dedicate myself to give the AOGS HS section the possible chance of revitalization.

Professional Activities

I have been an active AOGS member. My first involvement in AOGS was through the 2nd Annual Meeting held in Singapore in 2005. Since then I attended every Annual Meeting. I have open a session on “Flood Defense Technology Considering Climate Change” during every meeting since 2009. Through this session the participant get the following achievement. 1) Addressing the various approaches and methods used to predict and manage on Typhoon and flood disaster during recent years; 2) Exchanging advanced experiences in the areas of integrated flood management and implementation; 3) Sharing of new, innovative developments in Typhoon and flood risk reduction methodologies especially in large urban areas; 4) Exploring countermeasures to sustain balance between structural and non-structural approaches to defense Typhoon and flood disasters and ; 5) Exchanging international activities in sustainable Typhoon and flood mitigation.
Additional to AOGS activities, I am also serving as a director of IWRA(International Water Resources Association), Board of Governor of World Water Council and National Principal Committee Member for 7th World Water Forum in 2015, which will be held in Daegu, Korea.

Personal History

I earned his M.S. and Ph.D. from Yonsei University. I worked as a post-doctorate at University of Michigan, USA. I have been a professor at Kyungpook National University (KNU) since 1984. I also served as the Director of the Disaster Prevention Research Institute at KNU since 2005. My research interests include a real-time flood forecasting, flood risk mapping from dam/levee break and water quality modeling. I worked as a principal investigator of “A Study on Flood Forecasting and Inundation Analysis in Urban Area” during 2003-2008. I am a director of “Research Center of Flood Defense Technology for Next Generation” since 2008, which is funded by Korean Government. Now I am the President of the Korea Water Resources Association (KWRA) during 2013-2014, and the vice-President of Korea Federation of Water Science and Engineering Societies.


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