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AOGS Election of Office Bearers - 2014 to 2016


Hai Thanh TRAN(CV)
Associate Professor & Head of Dept of Geology
Hanoi University of Mining and Geology

I am a staff member and an Associate Dean of the Faculty of Geology, Hanoi University of Mining and Geology, Vietnam. I have been working over 25 years on structural and regional geology and its relationship to metalogenic aspects in Cambodia, Canada, Laos, Iran, Thailand, and Vietnam. I have been the author or coauthor of 35 referred papers and presenter of 30 international presentations relating to regional geology, structural controls on ore genesis and mineral exploration. I have been a member of the Solid Earth Section of Asia-Oceania Geological Society (AOGS) since 2007 and actively collaborated with geologists from Asia-Oceania region and other part of the world since early 2000s. Since then, I have contributed significantly to AOGS activities, particularly presented papers at AOGS annual meeting and since AOGS 2012 I have participated in organizing and acted as a coconvener of Session SE83: ‘Tectonics and Metalogeny of Eastern Tethyan Region’. In 2013, I continue to organizing of Session SE09: ‘Geology and Ore Deposits in SE Asia: Discoveries and Opportunities’ of the AGOS 2013 to be held in Brisbane, Australia and will be a co-convener of this session.

If I am elected as a President of Solid Earth Section of the AOGS, my priority mission is to promote the advance of geological sciences for the sustainable development and well-being of society in Asia and Oceania regions. Furthermore, I will continue to organize major SE sessions on geological and tectonic evolution of the region by encouraging and collaborating with other geoscientists in Asia-Oceania and around the world. In addition, as I have found that Asia-Oceania is an area of dynamic and is still rapidly developing environment with rich and unique geoscientific issues to discover and understand, I will also focus on other geological issues including natural resources, and geohazard such as earthquake, volcanic eruption and tsunami, which are currently still major challenges in the region.

I will also strongly involve in promotion of AOGS as an outstanding research organization in Asia and the world. I will continue to advance various geological aspects through publication of international journals and developing close connections between AOGS and regional as well as international geological community, in particular the EGS, AGU and IUGG. Another priority I will aim forwards if I am elected as President of Solid Earth Section is to encourage the active participation of young geoscientists in the AOGS activities as well as keep a close link with Presidents of other AOGS sections for the advancement of AOGS as a pioneer geoscience centre in Asia-Oceania and the world.


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