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AOGS- Earth Observatory of Singapore (EOS) International Geoscience Challenge 2019
Mon-29 Jul | 6:30PM - 9PM | Exhibition/Poster Hall

The AOGS-EOS International Geoscience Challenge 2019 is part of the organizations’ effort to inspire and create greater interest in Geophysical Sciences among middle and high school students. The aim of the Challenge is to give students the experience of conducting an investigative geoscience project and provide students with a platform to exhibit and share their findings with others.

Judging of Projects - Students will be required to give a short 10 min presentation, followed by Q&A on the 29 July 2019.

Teams will present their projects with the aid of their display poster.

  • Middle School (SEC) Category-Open to all middle schools or secondary schools (age 13-16)
  • High School (JC) Category-Open to all high schools or Junior Colleges (age 17-18)

Middle School (SEC) Category

NSS1 “Investigating the Effectiveness of Green Initiatives in Mitigating the Urban Heat Island Effect in Singapore”
Northland Secondary School
SKSS1 “Is Flood Risk Higher in an Urban Area or a Rural Area in Singapore?”
Sengkang Secondary School
SKSS2 “Tree Lodge @Punggol- Has It Served Its Purpose?”
Sengkang Secondary School
SKSS3 “Turbidity of Water in Singapore’s Constructed Wetlands”
Sengkang Secondary School
SKSS4 “Are the Developing Regions of Seng Kang West Experiencing Urban Heat Island Effect?”
Sengkang Secondary School
SST1 “Investigation of the Effects of Coastal Gradient on the Transverse and Longitudinal Waves”
Singapore School of Science & Technology
SST2 “Investigation of the Lightning Occurrence in Singapore during the Monsoon Season”
Singapore School of Science & Technology
SST3 “Investigation of the Solar Flares in the 20MHz Range”
Singapore School of Science & Technology
SST4 “Investigation of the Sudden Disturbance in the Ionosphere of the Earth”
Singapore School of Science & Technology
SST5 “Development of a Radio Telescope for VLF Observations”
Singapore School of Science & Technology
ASS1Z “An Investigation of the Microplastic Pollution in Singapore Waters Based on Green-lipped Mussels as Biosensors”
Anderson Secondary School

High School (JC) Category

DHS1Z “Investigation of How Electricity Can Be Generated in an Environmentally Sustainable Manner”
Dunman High School
JPJC1 “Thermal Hotspots in School: Finding Areas of Discomfort”
Jurong Pioneer Junior College
JPJC2 “Solar Power: Diversifying School's Energy Sources”
Jurong Pioneer Junior College
RVHS1Z “Green Technology to Produce Volatile Organic Compounds(VOC)-free Paint By Replacing the Use of Solvent With Environmentally-friendly Silica Nanoparticles”
River Valley High School
RVHS2 “Feasibility Study of Solar Power in Singapore”
River Valley High School
RVHS3Z “Investigation of Soil Quality Using Plant Biosensors”
River Valley High School
VJC2 “Climate Change and Mass Movement in Singapore”
Victoria Junior College

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