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AOGS Funding Support

AOGS provides funding support for participating in its annual meetings. There are currently 3 schemes.
Maximum allowable is ONE Award and the award is not transferable.
SchemeApply ByNotify Results by
1. AOGS Comps Not Applicable 23 Mar 2021
2. Reduced Registration Fee 23 Feb 2021 23 Mar 2021
3. Student Volunteer Fee Waiver 23 Feb 2021 23 Mar 2021

Recipients MUST REGISTER by 18 May 2021. After this date, offer automatically lapses

Enquiries & Assistance: Please contact AOGS Secretariat by email to:
  1. AOGS Comps (Year Instituted: 2012)
    For every 20 accepted abstracts, 1 complimentary registration is provided to the Session Convener for deciding the recipient. Total funding available is up to 120 complimentary registrations.
    1. Who is Eligible?
      1. All regular and invited speakers are eligible
      2. The recipient must be an author-presenter and the benefit is not transferable.
      3. Conveners may not award themselves. Society policy forbids such practices

    2. How the scheme operates
      For each session, the quota of AOGS Comps is auto-computed after abstract review is completed and only authors with an accepted abstract can be considered. Convener(s) can access this information on MARS. The Convener needs decide and make the selection online as soon as possible. Once selected, the registration fee of the AOGS Comps recipient will automatically be set to zero.

  2. Reduced Registration Fee (Year Instituted: 2012) How to Apply
    AOGS reduced fee is applicable to both standard and student rate.
    1. Who is Eligible?
      1. Scientists working in less wealthy countries, as defined by the World Bank list of low income and lower middle income countries. There are 78 countries defined as low or lower middle income, including 22 in the Asia Oceania region. These are listed below by alphabetical order and by income category. Source:
      2. Scientists working in Malaysia and Thailand

    2. How the scheme operates
      AOGS will set aside funding support for up to 10% of eligible participants to receive reduced fee status. If there are more applicants for the reduced fee scheme than funding available, selection criteria will be applied. The selection process will be overseen by the Financial Support Committee which is chaired by the AOGS Treasurer. The criteria used for the selection process include assessment of the quality of the science, the value of the contribution to the conference session and the relative career stage of the applicant, with preference towards junior scientists.

    3. Conditions for Application
      1. Applicants MUST be based in countries listed below
      2. Applicants MUST have an accepted abstract.
      3. Applicants MUST submit all required information.
      4. Application MUST be submitted by the given deadline
      5. Successful applicants MUST register and pay the reduced fee by the given deadline.
      Note: Submitting the application does NOT imply that the assistance requested will be offered.

    4. Applicants based in the following countries are eligible
      Low Income Low Middle Income Others
      1Afghanistan 32Angola 79Malaysia
      2Benin 33Bangladesh 80Thailand
      3Burkina Faso 34Bhutan
      4Burundi 35Bolivia
      5Central African Republic 36Cabo Verde
      6Chad 37Cambodia
      7Congo, Dem. Rep. 38Cameroon
      8Eritrea 39Comoros
      9Ethiopia 40Congo, Rep.
      10Gambia, The 41Côte d'Ivoire
      11Guinea 42Djibouti
      12Guinea-Bissau 43Egypt, Arab Rep.
      13Haiti 44El Salvador
      14Korea, Dem. People's Rep. 45Eswatini
      15Liberia 46Ghana
      16Madagascar 47Honduras
      17Malawi 48India
      18Mali 49Indonesia
      19Mozambique 50Kenya
      20Nepal 51Kiribati
      21Niger 52Kyrgyz Republic
      22Rwanda 53Lao PDR
      23Sierra Leone 54Lesotho
      24Somalia 55Mauritania
      25South Sudan 56Micronesia, Fed. Sts.
      26Syrian Arab Republic 57Moldova
      27Tajikistan 58Mongolia
      28Tanzania 59Morocco
      29Togo 60Myanmar
      30Uganda 61Nicaragua
      31Yemen, Rep. 62Nigeria  
      64Papua New Guinea
      66São Tomé and Principe
      68Solomon Islands
      76West Bank and Gaza

  3. Student Volunteer Fee Waive Scheme (Year Instituted: 2014) How to Apply
    The program aims to provide some work experience and an opportunity to explore career options as well as to develop and sharpen personal and professional skills while also developing a sense of connection with the AOGS community. The scheme will be implemented by the Local Advisory Committee (LAC) in consultation with AOGS.
    1. Benefits
      1. The student volunteer’s registration fee will be waived
      2. Each will receive a complimentary AOGS Polo-T Shirt
      3. Upon successful completion, each will receive a Certificate of Recognition
      4. Meals (breakfast/lunch/dinner) will be provided to those on duty
      5. AOGS membership for 3 years - see member benefits here
        Student Volunteers made a real difference
        Student Volunteers

    2. Conditions for Application
      1. Applicants MUST be committed to work for AT LEAST half the conference (2.5 days)
      2. Applicants MUST submit all required information
      3. Applicants MUST be English-speaking
      4. Application MUST be submitted by the given deadline
      5. Successful applicants MUST register by the given deadline
      6. Successful applicants MUST attend volunteer training

  4. Apply Online Via “Funding Support” on MARS after Abstract Submission (if applicable)
    1. Log-in to MARS with your email and password
    2. Click on “Funding Support” on the left menu
    3. Select assistance requested – Reduced Fee or Student Volunteer Fee Waiver
    4. Fill out the application form
    5. Click “Submit”