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Best Student Poster Competition

Encouraging young students has always been an important mission to AOGS. The Best Student Poster Competition (BSPC) is a means for students to highlight their achievements and demonstrate their ability in scientific presentations. Award criteria are below. Please also take note of the rules and requirements to follow.

  1. Criteria & Award
    1. One award minimum per Section, and 1 additional award for every 20 student posters
    2. Poster Presentations will be evaluated based on:
      • Scientific quality and novelty
      • Poster design
      • Ability of student presenter to answer question
    3. Awards will be presented at the Closing Ceremony (last day conference) and each winner will receive
      • A Certificate signed by AOGS President and Section President
      • Complimentary Registration for the following year of AOGS Annual Meeting
  2. About AOGS2021 BSPC

    The AOGS2021 BSPC has its own program and will be held separately from all other presentations (oral and poster) in the regular sessions. All BSP presentations will be scheduled and competitors informed of their presentation schedules and the competition venue.

    For planning purpose, the duration is 1.5 to 2 hours for each BSPC session but actual duration will depend on the number of BSPC entries and presentations.

  3. Rules and Requirements

      All full-time individual students are eligible (Postdocs are not eligible)

      2.1. If an abstract is selected for an oral presentation, the author must choose between accepting the oral presentation and participating in the  poster competition.
      2.2. Only one poster (abstract) per student can be entered into the competition.
      2.3. The student must be the first author of the abstract, the major contributor to the material presented, and the person presenting the poster.
      2.4. The majority of material should not have been previously presented in another session at the meeting
      2.5. The presenting/first student author must be present throughout the allocated session.
      2.6. The presenting/first student author only may be given the Award
      3.1. Presentation Format - For Best Student Poster & Geoscience Challenge
      1. The deadline for submitting digital poster is 13 Jul 2021
        -  Poster size is A0 in landscape format
        -  Presenters must upload PNG poster of their presentation.
      2. Presentation Format
        -  Pre-loaded poster on display from Mon-26 Jul to Tue-31 Aug 2021
        -  10-min live Q & A for attendees to meet virtually with presenters and ask questions or give feedback
      3.2. How to Prepare Your Poster
      1. Place your Abstract ID, Abstract Title and Author Name(s) prominently at the top of the poster to allow viewers to identify your abstract easily.
        Presenter’s Name must be underlined and in Bold Letterings
      2. Author Name, E-mail and Address information must be provided in case the viewer is interested in contacting you for more information.
      3. You have complete freedom in displaying your information in figures, tables, text, photographs, etc. in the poster
      4. A successful poster presentation depends on how well you convey information to an interested (but not expert) audience. You may wish to structure your poster by including the background of your research followed by results and conclusions

    4. KEY DATES
      a) Submit Your Presentation Files to AOGS-MARS (Opens 15 Jun 2021)
      Poster: The deadline for submitting digital poster is 13 Jul 2021
      b) Pre-Scheduled Practice Sessions For
      Presenters: 12 to 16 Jul 2021
      Session Chairs: 19 to 23 Jul 2021
      Plenary Speakers/Panelists: 26 to 30 Jul 2021
      (Axford Lectures, Distinguished/Kamide Lectures, Medallist Lectures & Panel Sessions)


      View/Download Presenter Guide Here