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Vietnam National Space Center


"Introduction of Lotusat (x Band Sar) and Potential Application of Sar Data in Viet Nam"

LOTUSat satellite - the first SAR satellite of Vietnam is expected to be launched into orbit in 2023. This satellite will acquire SAR image at X band with high resolution, up to 1m. SAR imagery is particularly potential in applications in Vietnam, where cloud cover is frequent. In order to improve the effectiveness of LOTUSat satellite data, studies on SAR images in fields such as: oil spill monitoring, flood monitoring, deforestation monitoring have been conducted in recent year in Viet Nam. These studies show a great potential application of SAR data in Vietnam.


2004 Doctor of Philosophy
Hanoi University of Natural Science, Vietnam
Major: Geography
1996 Master of Science
Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand
Major: Remote Sensing
1993 Engineer of Geology
Hanoi University of Mining and Geology, Vietnam
Major: Geology
From 2011 Position of the Division
Vice Director General, Vietnam National Space Center (VNSC)
Head of Dept. of Application of Earth Observation System
  • Role: Lead of EO application sector of VNSC
  • Role: Lead of research in the field of application of remote sensing, especially the SAR data processing and application
  • Specific role: Lead of Vietnam Data Cube system (based on the CEOS Open Data Cube); Develop and deploy the Vietnam Data Cube.
  • Specific role: Lead of CEOS 2019 chair’s initiative: forest monitoring and rice monitoring by satellite images in Vietnam and other countries in Mekong river basin
  • Specific role: Lead in the national research project in application of Vietnam new SAR satellite (named LOTUSat-1)
From 2007 to 2011 Position of the Division
Senior Researcher, Deputy head of Department of Application of Remote sensing, Space Technology Institute

Role: Lead in research projects of application of remote sensing in forest monitoring, rice monitoring, environment management, especially the object-based classification techniques

Specific Role: Carry out applying remote sensing techniques (aerial photograph and satellite imagery) in forest cover investigation; forest mapping of several provinces of Vietnam

From 1993 to 2007 Position of the Division
Research, Center for Remote sensing and Geomatics, Institute of Geo-sciences