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Visa Information

A. Entry Requirements

  1. All visitors to China must have valid travel document (e.g. passport). Minimum validity is 6 months from date of travel.

  2. Except for countries with Visa-Free Entry, all others will require a Chinese visa to enter the People’s Republic of China. See also “B” below.

  3. Visa processing time varies. It is recommended that you start the process early. The earliest is 3 months before arrival in China.

B. Countries with Visa-Free Entry to China

The duration of stay in China for citizens from these countries holding these appropriate passports may not exceed 30 days from the date of entry into China. For the extension of stay duration, application must be made in advance.
Click on the link below to View/Download the list of Visa-Free Countries

Citizens of Singapore, Brunei and Japan holding ordinary passports may also enter China without a visa provided that their purpose of visit is for tourism, family visit, business or transit, and that their stay in China is no more than 15 days.

For more information on visa exemption requirements, you can click on the link below:

C. Invitation Letters

  1. Invitation Letter for general administrative purpose
    To generate a General Invitation Letter, please fill out the online form below:
    You will be required to furnish the personal particulars below:
    Title (i.e. Dr/Prof/Mr/Ms):
    First/Given Name:
    Last Name:
    Passport Number:
    Job Title:
    Contact Address:

  2. Chinese Business Cover Letter to apply for visas

    1. Tourist Visa (L Visa)
      This can usually be processed by a tour company or passport and travel visa services agency.
      Note: Chinese Business Cover Letter is not required for the application of tourist visa

    2. Other Types of Visa
      To request a Chinese Business Cover Letter from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, please submit the following personal information and documents (total 4 file attachments) to AOGS Secretariat by email to
      Note: You must submit the required personal information and documents. The Chinese Academy of Sciences and AOGS Secretariat will not be able to advise on any missing information and documents. The letter will take approximately 2-3 weeks to process.

      i. Personal Information – Download Form Here: MS WordPDF
      ii. Brief Curriculum Vitae
      iii. Scanned Copy of Your Passport
      iv. Proof of Conference Registration and Payment
      v. Invitation Letter – Generate Letter Here

  3. Other Important Notes:

    1. Consular Officers may call to verify information on the invitation and the visa application
      Due to time zone differences, this call may take place after office hours in your country of work/residence. Therefore a cell phone number may be the only way for the Consular Officer to reach the applicant and it is important the call is expected.

    2. Proof of arrival, departure, hotel reservation and financial ability
      The Consular Office may request for a copy of confirmed hotel reservation, air ticket and bank deposits. The visa applicant’s name must be listed on these documents. Please be prepared to furnish these additional documents upon request.

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