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AOGS Distinguished Lecturers - Criteria & Selection Process

This document describes the criteria and process recommended for the selection of Society and Section Distinguished Lecturers for the annual AOGS meetings. Normally there will be two Society Distinguished Lectures at each annual AOGS meeting, as well as two Section Distinguished Lectures per Section.


  1. A Society or Section Distinguished Lecturer must have have a sustained (for at least 10 years) track record of excellent science.
  2. It is desirable, but not essential, that a Society or Section Distinguished Lecturer be either born or have worked in the AOGS region.

Thus Distinguished Lecturers will be selected primarily on the basis of their excellent, sustained, scientific record.

Selection process for Section Distinguished Lecturers

  1. The Section President forms a Selection Committee with a nominee as Chair.
  2. The Selection Committee requests nominations, each comprised of the nominee's name, institution, and a few-sentence rationale.
  3. The Selection Committee uses the criteria and information from the nominators to develop a ranked list of nominees, comprised of the two top-ranked nominees plus alternates.
  4. The Selection Committee forwards the ranked list to the Council for discussion, possible revision, and eventual approval.
  5. The Selection Committee is then responsible for inviting the approved nominees and, once they accept, organizing the
    Section Lectures.

Selection process for Society Distinguished Lecturers

The process will be essentially identical to that for Section Distinguished Lecturers except that the relevant Committee will the Society's Nomination Committee.