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Visa Application

Birth Certificate or School Diploma now required!

Effective January 15th, 2010, the Indian government has introduced new requirements for all visa applicants.  All applicants, regardless of nationality or visa type requested, must submit a copy of their birth certificate or school diploma. Please do not submit the originals. If submitting a diploma, it must be a High School Diploma or above.

Please visit the Visa Instruction Page for a complete list of requirements.

Visa Tips

  1. Apply for Tourist Visa:
    Most visiting India for socials (and conferences) apply for Tourist Visas. They are faster to process and usually cost less. Air ticketing and travel agents usually provide this service. If attending AOGS2010 on Tourist Visa, please state Tourism as the purpose of visit in all custom forms.

  2. Apply for Conference Visas through an Indian Embassy:
    This usually costs more and requires formal documents from authorities in India. The National Advisory Committee has indicated that formal documents will be ready sometime end-May/early-June). If needed, the documents can be sent via email.

  3. References - If required, you can provide up to 2 references:
    • Hotel Name & Contact Details – View AOGS Hotels Here
    • Local Host Contact Details:
      Dr. V. P. Dimri,
      President, Indian Geophysical Union,
      and Chairman LOC, AOGS 2010,
      NRGI Campus, Uppal Road,
      Hyderabad 500007, India
      Phone:  (040) 2343-4600/616/619          
      Fax: (040) 23434651/27171564               
      Email:  aogs2010loc@gmail.com
      IGU Website: http://www.igu.in/Introduction.htm