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AOGS Policy on Block Registrations

Last updated: 6 June 2009

AOGS policy is to allow block registrations for AOGS meetings as follows:

  1. Purpose: The purpose of block registrations is to help AOGS promote geophysical science in less developed regions of Asia and Oceania.

  2. Authority: The Executive Committee of the Council will typically decide on any request for a block registration.

  3. Process: A formal request with a detailed justification is made to the President of AOGS at least 2 months before the meeting.

  4. Who: the requesting group must have more than 10 registrants and either be recommended by the meeting's Local Advisory Committee or be a sponsor of the meeting.

  5. Requirements: Block registrations are only approved if

    • There is demonstrable financial need that is not appropriately met via existing AOGS Registration Fee Waiver programs, or

    • AOGS receives demonstrable financial or strategic benefits that outweigh the financial costs of the block registration.


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