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AOGS Election of Office Bearers - 2012 to 2014


James Peter Terry (CV)
Associate Professor in Geography
National University of Singapore

My vision is for the AOGS to continue its growth as an organization of excellence in the Asia-Pacific region, respected internationally, which promotes expertise, research and publication within all fields of geoscience. The AOGS must be both (a) visible in science and (b) active in the development of geosciences in its member countries.  In particular, AOGS should promote and benefit from the enormous diversity of its rapidly-developing region.
The activities  of  AOGS should  therefore  seek to encourage and support both basic (fundamental) and applied science in the Asia-Oceania region that is (a) of the best  standard and internationally-recognized, (b) relevant and topical, and (c) targeted at improving the prospects for sustainable development in the Asia-Pacific countries.
If elected to the position of Treasurer-Elect, my foremost duty will be to assist with the correct and responsible management of the Society funds. This will involve working closely with the Secretariat to keep careful account of all monetary transactions. Ensuring transparency of accounting will be an important aspect in this process. This is to be accomplished through presentation of Society expenditures and reserves in a clear and accessible fashion at annual AOGS General Meetings.

Working towards further important goals to fulfil the Mission will be the focus of my other activities as a Council-Elect member. Primarily, this includes the promotion of greater membership of AOGS, especially targeted recruitment among young academics and scientists who live and work in the developing countries of our region. This is crucial because many poorer and more remote countries across Asia-Oceania continue to be under-represented in AOGS membership.