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AOGS Election of Office Bearers - 2012 to 2014


Adam Switzer (CV)
Principal Investigator Earth Observatory of Singapore,
Nanyang Technological University

I feel that AOGS should and can be developed into to the most influential international geoscience societies in the world. Although we should constantly strive for excellence in the Asia-Oceania region we must not lose focus on the goal of maintaining the AOGS presence on the world stage. We must also ensure that all geoscientists from the Asia-Oceania region are fully aware of AOGS and the opportunities it provides for collaboration development, scientific discussion and knowledge transfer. AOGS is a fast-growing, multidisciplinary organisation that needs an executive team with youth, vision, experience and diligence. I feel I can provide a significant contribution to that development.

My strength to serve as a treasurer and council member lie in the following aspects:

Experience in Asia and Australia - I have worked in academic positions in Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore and I currently have research projects in nine countries in the region.  Additionally I collectively supervise students and research staff from seven countries in the region.

Experience with large research budgets - My current personal research budget for projects in the region exceeds $US3.2 million. Additionally I have significant experience in managing budgets for conferences and large grants.

International project leadership - I am currently Project co-leader for the IUGS and UNESCO backed program  IGCP 588: Preparing for Coastal Change (www.coastal-change.org) and the INQUA backed program  INQUA 1001: ‘Quaternary Coastal Change and Records of Extreme Marine Inundation on Coastal Environments’.

Geographic location - As the Society is incorporated in Singapore it makes sense that the treasurer be Singapore based. The last three treasurers have been Singapore based and I feel it would be sensible to continue this trend.

In summary I feel the Council of AOGS needs members who are proactive in the region and have considerable vision for shaping the future of the society.  I believe I can fill that role as treasurer of AOGS.