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AOGS Election of Office Bearers - 2012 to 2014


Khin Zaw (CV)
Associate Professor
CODES ARC Centre of Excellence in Ore Deposits, University of Tasmania

I am a staff member of CODES ARC Centre of Excellence in Ore Deposits, University of Tasmania, Australia. I am a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy and a Fellow of Society of Economic Geologists. I have been working over 35 years on genetic aspects of mineral deposits in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China and SE Asia and have published 70 referred papers relating to ore genesis and mineral exploration. I have been a member of the Solid Earth Section of Asia-Oceania Geological Society (AOGS) since 2006 and actively linked with counterpart geologists from Asia-Oceania region. 

If I am elected as a President of Solid Earth Section, my main mission is to promote geological sciences for the benefit of humanity in Asia and Oceania. I have been actively involved with AOGS over the years and contributed immensely to AOGS. I presented papers and consistently organized sessions on “SE04: Tectonics and Metallogeny in Asia and Oceania” as a Main Convener at 4th AOGS Conference, Bangkok, Thailand (2007), Session on  “SE61: Magma, Fluids and Mineral Deposits of Asia and Oceania” as a Co-Convener at 5th AOGS Conference, Busan, Korea  (2008), session on “SE52: Geological Terranes and Metallogenesis in Asia”  as a Main Convener at this 6th AOGS Conference, Suntec City, Singapore (2009), “SE5: Orogenesis, magma genesis and mineral genesis: gemstones to sulphide ores” at 7th AOGS Conference, Hyderabad, India (2010) and currently “SE67: “Linking Tectonics, Magmatism and Metallogeny in East and SE Asia” at 8th AOGS Conference, Taipei, Taiwan (2011). If I become President of Solid Earth Section, I will continue to organize similar widely popular sessions. I find that Asia and Oceania has the largest population that is more diverse than any other regions in the world, and is still rapidly developing. There are unique geoscientific issues to discover and understand in the region.

I will encourage and collaborate with other geoscientists in Asia-Oceania and around the world to organize major SE sessions to contribute geological and tectonic evolution of the region, in particular focusing on mineral, geothermal and fossil fuel resources and geohazard such as earthquake, volcanic eruption and tsunami currently challenging us in the region. I will strongly involve in promotion of AOGS to the forefront in Asia and the world as an outstanding and premiere research organization. I will strive to remain in touch with and contribute to the geological world community through cooperation with EGS, AGU and IUGG. I will also promote advances in the geological field through publication of international journals and developing close connections with local and regional societies.

I will particularly aim to training and participation of young generation of geoscientists in the AOGS and I will link up with Presidents from other AOGS sections for the advancement of Geosciences in Asia and the world.