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AOGS Election of Office Bearers - 2012 to 2014


Hyo Choi (CV)
Dean of Graduate School
Gangneung-Wonju National University

It is my great honor to make a brief statement on future vision and plan in 2011 for AOGS, as President Candidate. As you know, AOGS established in 2003 has greatly promoted geophysical sciences for public benefit in Asia & Oceania where high economical growth by dynamically development of science
and industrial technology has been achieved in recent years. 

AOGS has developed and utilized geophysical science and technology in Asia and Oceania through mutual exchange of scientific knowledge and cooperation among scientists and now it stands just before its mature age. AOGS may have to concentrate its efforts to perform basic and applied researches for each nation and sustainable development of earth and planetary resources for peaceful green growth and better lives of humanity.

I am meteorological, environmental and oceanographic scientist with over 40 years experiences in modeling researches.  Through carrying out many kinds of research projects with two doctoral degrees from University of Texas at Austin (USA) and Peking University (China), my research interests cover a variety of fields – air quality modeling, extra-tropical and tropical cyclones and ocean circulation in collaboration with scientific groups at universities and government institutions in North America (USA, Canada), Europe (England, German, Spain, France, Russia, etc.), Asia (Iran, Turkey, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Japan, etc.), South America (Chile, Mexico, etc.) and even Africa (Nigeria). I have been Korean Government Representative of Antarctic Governmental Meetings, Presidents of Korean Environmental Sciences Societies and AOGS (AS section), Deputy Director General of IBC (England) and Committee members of Korean and international scientific societies.  I have been also acting as Editor-in-Chief of 3 international journals and Editor of 7 ones (USA, England, India, Nigeria, etc.). 

I would like to devote myself to take on any challenges and hardships, flexibly responding to more rapidly changeable environment of global geophysical sciences and technologies, if I could be fortunately elected as AOGS President for next period as below:


  1. Improvement of financial support to AOGS members – More members of registration fee waiver (all session chairs and 25 % of presenters)
  2. Improvement of financial Budget – More donation or sponsor from Company & Government
  3. Extension of oral presentation time for sharing more sufficient knowledge among members (Invited (30 Min), Oral presentation (20 min))
  4. Free supply of lunch for all participants during a meeting period 
  5. Increase of number of AOGS members – Linkage of group members of world scientific societies  
  6. Holding symposia on special issue in an intermediate period between AOGS Annual Meetings (International Symposium on Disaster Prevention, etc. in each section) 
  7. Enforcement of international network with governmental & non-governmental organizations – Civic Societies & Inter--Government Organizations (UNESCO, IPCC, IOC, WMO, PEMSEA, AEHM, POSEC, EGU, IUGG, PAMS, WESTPAC, etc) 
  8. Increase of publication issues of journal and book – 2 times issues or more/yr-SCI Index List 
  9. Suggestion of effective policy and strategy for Green Growth to countries of Asia and Oceania
  10. Establishment of geo-scientific education programs for next generation – Program & Education (Training program (workshop) & Publication of training book or manual)  
  11. Enforcement of communication network among AOGS members – Inform activity & promotion 
  12. Attempt of Inter-governmental organization of AOGS – under agreement of members