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AOGS Election of Office Bearers - 2012 to 2014


Gwo-Fong Lin (CV)
Distinguished Professor
Department of Civil Engineering, National Taiwan University

Hydrological science plays an important place along with the atmospheric science, ocean science, planetary science, solar and terrestrial science, and solid earth science as one of the geosciences. The hydrological science has been developed considerably through the efforts of hydrologists and scientists.  The hydrological science covers a wide range of areas and approaches. It deserves to receive more attention to cope with the complex and vulnerable environment, especially in our Asia-Oceania region in recent years.
How to attract more members to the HS section and to encourage more attendants in our annual meetings is an important issue. Since our society is quite young, to speed up the development of the HS section, we would benefit from cooperation with some well established water-related societies, such as IAHS, IAHR and IWA in addition to AGU and EGU. Joint committees or programs among societies could be tried. As to young scientists, some encouragement measures have to be carried out to assist and motivate them. The HS is only one of the geosciences, interdisciplinary cooperation with other sections in our society is also important. The HS section should help broaden our IWG sessions in the annual meetings. Finally, how to keep the publication of peer reviewed papers after each annual meeting in time has also to be addressed, while the high quality peer-review is maintained. The final goal is that the HS or the AOGS should have its own journal to facilitate collaboration and information exchange between scientists. At the beginning, special issues in leading journals could be attempted.

Under the leadership of previous presidents and based on their achievements, the growth of HS section is expected. I shall follow their steps to let HS section grow stronger and stronger, and to provide a more convenient platform for HS colleagues to interact and collaborate.