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10/4/07 - 30/5/07
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JPGU Meeting 2007

The Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS) is an international society which was founded in 2003, to promote cooperation and discussion among scientists in Asia and Oceania on the Earth, its environment, and planetary and space sciences.

Scientific assemblies of AOGS are held annually. The AOGS membership is given to participants of AOGS annual meetings and is effective for three years after the most recent attendance.

AOGS welcomes participation of geoscientists from all over the world and it cooperates with international geoscience community as represented by EGS, AGU and IUGG.


Our mission is to promote geophysical science for the benefit of humanity in Asia and Oceania.

AOGS sees the region that stretches from Kashmir to Wellington as a hotbed filled with challenges and nascent potential.

Asia and Oceania currently holds the largest population, and is still rapidly developing.

There are unique scientific issues to discover and understand in a region that is more diverse than any other regions.

Information on history and constitution of AOGS is available in its home page. AOGS is managed by the Executive Council with the assistance of the society secretariat - Meeting Matters International.


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The Asia Oceania Geosciences Society

AOGS2007: The 4th Assembly

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