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10/4/07 - 30/5/07
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JPGU Meeting 2007


Drop this fallacy that Thai cuisine is purely and simply a hot burn to your tongue. Thai food can be spicy or mild & in truth, many Thais cannot stand extremely spicy food either & chefs will make any dish bland on request. The unique characteristic of Thai cuisine is the delicate balancing of numerous spices adopted from Indian, Malay, Chinese & Indonesia cuisine to enhance and improve the flavours of the dish; furthering reflecting the historical mix of the Thai population.

If you cannot take even a pinch of hot spiciness, ask for mai phet (non-spicy) recommendations. Some non-spicy Thai dishes you have to try would be gang hunglay (pork & ginger stew), kow yum (Sweet-sour-&-salty prawns with fruits & vegetables) , pla priew wan (sweet & sour fish), thom kha gai (coconut milk curry with chicken), nua phat namman hoi (beef in oyster sauce) & hormok talay (fish/seafood mousse).

Among the fiery delights would the Thai favourite thom yam gung (Tom Yum Soup with shrimp & lemon grass), gaeng khiew wan gai (green curry with chicken or beef), yum woon sen (Blanched flat rice noodles & pork/prawns dizzled with lemon & fish sauce with peppers, scallions, parsley & onion) & som tam (papaya salad) with some sticky rice.

So are you ready to say Swatdee (hello) AOGS?


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