General Election

Election at the General Meeting in 2019

E-voting Instructions
Date of Announcement: 10 Jul 2018
Nominations Opens: 4 Sept 2018
Nomination Deadline: 18 Dec 2018

The Committee will shortly start the process of producing the slate of candidates from those nominated. If you are interested in nominating candidates please email the respective Section Representatives or to Professor Wing IP, Chair of the AOGS Nomination Committee by 18 December 2018 together with a 1-page CV and 1-page nomination letter for each nominee to

The AOGS President, Secretary-General, Treasurer, and Section Presidents for the term of 2020-2022 will be elected at the 16th General Meeting on 28 July to 02 August, 2019 in Singapore. Those elected will serve in the 2019-2020 term as Vice President, Assistant Secretary General, Assistant Treasurer and Section Vice Presidents.

For the election of Council members at the Annual General Meeting, the Council may appoint a Nomination Committee (see P. 6 - AOGS constitution here). The members of this committee are:

Nomination Commitee

Chair Wing-Huen IP, National Central University

Members/Section Representatives

AOGS Secretary General: Takehiko SATOH, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

AS Section Vice-President: Johnny CHAN, City University of Hong Kong

BG Section Vice-President: Prabir Kumar PATRA, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC)

HS Section Vice-President: Bellie SIVAKUMAR, University of New South Wales

IG Section Vice-President: Kazuhisa GOTO, Tohoku University

OS Section Vice-President: Charles LEMCKERT, University of Canberra

PS Section Vice-President: Varun SHEEL, Physical Research Laboratory

ST Section Vice-President: Qiugang ZONG, Peking University

SE Section Vice-President: Carlo A. ARCILLA, Philippines Nuclear Research Institute & University of the Philippines

The tasks of the Nomination Committee are as follows:

a) Prepare a slate of candidates for the Council members, i.e., President-Elect, Secretary General-Elect, Treasurer-Elect and Section Presidents-Elect. Ideally, two to three candidates are required for each of these positions. The candidates for Section Presidents-Elect will be identified in consultation with the individual Sections

b) Ascertain the willingness of all candidates to stand for election; and

c) Present the proposed slates to the Council for approval. In selecting nominees, care should be given to assure that there is representation of the Society’s diverse regional and disciplinary interests and that the Council reflect, over time, a reasonable balance of these interests.

d) Election will be by balloting online during the society’s annual meeting. In the event of a tie, the Chair of the Nomination Committee shall have a casting vote. The member’s ballot for Section President-Elect shall be as stated in the member’s profile page on MARS (this is the society’s online system) in so far as Section elections are concerned. Space for write-in candidates will also be provided.