General Election


E-Voting – Opens Tue-03 Aug at 2pm; Closes Fri-06 Aug at 2:30pm
Results will be announced on Fri-06 Aug at 3pm on MARS and at the conference

The AOGS President, Secretary-General, Treasurer, and Section Presidents for the term of 2022-2024 will be elected at AOGS2021 - the 18th Annual Meeting taking place from 01 to 06 Aug 2019 in Singapore. For the election, a Nomination Committee has been appointed and whose task is to develop a slate of candidates for approval by the AOGS Council. The candidates are expected to be announced around Apr/May 2021.

E-voting (in lieu of paper ballots) will take place during the society’s annual meeting. Only members attending AOGS2021 are eligible and all e-votes are recorded in MARS (the society’s online system). Please follow the steps below to cast your e-vote:

  1. You are automatically eligible for e-voting after collecting your conference pass at the badge concierge.
  2. You can use your existing User ID and Password for casting your vote
  3. On the voting page, voting has to be done for each specific office. If you do not desire to cast your vote for a specific office, it will be treated as abstained.
  4. Once you have cast your vote, click "Submit"
  5. A confirmation box will be displayed and you can choose to confirm (click "OK") or modify (click "CANCEL") your vote. Votes cannot be modified after confirmation.
  6. The e-voting period commence on Tue-03 Aug at 2pm and ends on Fri-06 Aug at 2:30pm. The e-voting module shall be disabled for voting thereafter.