E-News - 2009/18

AOGS 6th Annual General Meeting 11 to 15 Aug '09
and International Exhibition 11 to 14 Aug '09
Showcase by World's Best Universities 12 to 14 Aug '09
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10am to 12pm Mark out these dates

31 July on "Climate Change" featuring
David L Higgitt and Srivatsan Vijayaraghavan from Singapore
14 August on "Planetary Science & Solar Terrestrial" featuring
AOGS Past Presidents Wing-Huen Ip and Atsuhiro Nishida
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Quick access to useful meeting information. Some serious, some fun

Access to all sessions requires identification. Please wear your name badges at all times.
They are organized by "Last/Family Name" and can be collected from the registration counters, located at SUNTEC Singapore main lobby.

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GEOMEET is the online business matching portal that connects you with the geosciences world community congregating at AOGS2009

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Visit the World Scientific Booth P3 at the AOGS2009 Main Exhibition Hall

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