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Field Trip

Central-Western Taiwan: Natural Hazards Field Trip
Limited to 60 persons maximum. Booking & Payment must be made by 1 Jun 2011 to Secure Seat.
Booking Opens 10 April 2011

Dates: 6-7 Aug or 13-14 Aug
Price: USD280 per person (Includes - Accommodation, Transportation & Meals)
Guides: Prof Hao- Tsu Chu and Prof Chung- Pai Chang
Note: bring light shoes, light rain gear, sunscreen & hat

Participants are encouraged to take up their own personal travel insurance and must agree to indemnify AOGS against any claims as arising from injury or loss sustained during the outings. If you disagree, do not proceed to register for the field trip.

This field trip will center on the issue of natural hazards in Taiwan. For the last decade, hazards, both geological and environmental, have taken an unprecedented toll. Participants will visit the damaged zone around huge landslides triggered by earthquakes, debris flows induced by heavy rains as well as significant surface ruptures caused by the movement of active faults. You will be shown how the people and government responded to these natural hazards in Taiwan.


Day 1
7:30am - Depart from T.I.C.C.

Stop 1 – Ta-an river
The Ta-an River in north-western Taiwan flows through Miaoli County and Taichung County. Ta-An River Gorge is in located near the north-eastern end of the surface ruptures of the 1999 Chi-Chi earthquake. Co-seismic uplifted river beds and caused the formation of the gorge.

Stop 2 – Shihkang Dam
The Shihkang Dam was built across the Ta-Chia river. It is 25m tall and 357 m long with 18 gates lined up. A system of multiple thrusts and a major back thrust slipped during the earthquake causing co-seismic rupture with 10 meters of vertical displacements.

Shih Gang DamPeifang Bridge
Stop 3 – Frame Mountain
Steep conglomerate gorge with debris flows
Stay over at the Hotel (Sun Moon Lake)  
Day 2
7:30am - Depart from Hotel

Stop 4 – Jo Feng Her Shan Landslide
The Jo Feng Her Shan Landslide was triggered by the Chi-Chi earthquake of 1999.

This landslide region is located 1 km southeast of the foot of the mountain Kandoushan, Guoshing Township, Nantou County.

Fig2-2a_Chu, 2007

Stop 5 – Earthquake Museum
The Earthquake Museum was built to preserve some of the phenomenon related to the Chi-Chi earthquake

Fig 2-3a_Chu, 2007