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AOGS Honorary Member

Honorary Members are defined in the AOGS Constitution (4.1b) as:

“… persons whose international standing in geosciences or whose services to the Society are recognised by the Society and elected by the General Meeting.”

Multiple awards can be made in any one year but the recommendations from Council must be approved by the General Meeting.

Council has approved a policy that all winners of the Axford Medal subsequently become Honorary Members. This principle needs to be approved by the General Meeting before it can be enacted.

As the General Meeting needs to approve election of Honorary Member it is suggested that names are submitted to the General Meeting for approval but then awarded at the conference in the following year.

1. Calls for nominations for the Honorary Members should be announced at least 9 months before the next AOGS Annual General Meeting.
2. The Award Committee should evaluate and rank the nominated candidates and then submit its recommendations and the ranked list to the Council, at least 3 months prior to the next AOGS Annual General Meeting, for consideration and approval. The criteria for ranking, each of equal weight, are any two of the following three criteria.
a. The excellence, outstanding nature, breadth, persistence, and international recognition of a candidate's research contributions to the geosciences;
b. The excellence and duration of a candidate's record of international leadership and unselfish cooperation in the geosciences, particularly in Asia and Oceania;
c. The excellence and duration of a candidate's contributions to AOGS, especially relating to the development of the geosciences within Asia and Oceania and to international cooperation within and outside these regions.
3. If the Council nominates the Honorary Members then it must be approved at an Annual General Meeting of AOGS.
4. Requirements for Nominations of the Honorary Members:
a.    A nomination letter: this
  • should demonstrate the nominee's outstanding contributions to the geosciences (including planetary and solar system science) and
  • must be 2 pages or less in length.
b.    A list of selected publications: this list
  • must be no longer than 2 pages and describe the major publications of the nominee, and
  • must include the published papers that best support the argument for award of the Honorary Member.
c.    Curriculum Vitae: this
  • must be approximately 2 pages of length and include the nominee's degrees, employment, honors, memberships, and service to the scientific community.
d.    Three supporting reference letters:
  • Supporting letters from the outside of the candidate's home country are necessary to show wide international recognition.
5. Complete nominations should be sent by email, with the documents in pdf format as attachments for the attention of the Award Committee

Honorary Member Nomination Opens 04 Sep 2018; Closes 29 Jan 2019
Please email your nominations by 29 Jan 2019 to: admin@asiaoceania.org