General Election


E-Voting – Opens Tue-30 Jul at 2pm; Closes Fri-02 Aug at 2:30pm
Results will be announced on Fri-02 Aug at 3pm on MARS and at the conference

The AOGS President, Secretary-General, Treasurer, and Section Presidents for the term of 2020-2022 will be elected at AOGS2019 - the 16th Annual Meeting taking place from 28 Jul - 2 Aug, 2019 in Singapore. For the election, a Nomination Committee has been appointed and whose task is to develop a slate of candidates for approval by the AOGS Council. The candidates are expected to be announced around Feb/Mar 2019.

E-voting (in lieu of paper ballots) will take place during the society’s annual meeting. Only members attending AOGS2019 are eligible and all e-votes are recorded in MARS (the society’s online system). Please follow the steps below to cast your e-vote:

  1. You are automatically eligible for e-voting after collecting your conference pass at the badge concierge.
  2. You can use your existing User ID and Password for casting your vote
    • Launch internet browser by typing the MARS URL
    • Upon successful log-in, click on "E-Voting" on the left menu
  3. On the voting page, voting has to be done for each specific office. If you do not desire to cast your vote for a specific office, it will be treated as abstained.
  4. Once you have cast your vote, click “Submit”
  5. A confirmation box will be displayed and you can choose to confirm (click “OK”) or modify (click “CANCEL”) your vote. Votes cannot be modified after confirmation.
  6. The e-voting period commence on Tue-30 Jul at 2pm and ends on Fri-02 Aug at 2:30pm. The e-voting module shall be disabled for voting thereafter.