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10/4/07 - 30/5/07
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JPGU Meeting 2007

AOGS Election of Office Bearers - 2008 to 2010


Candidate of:
Solar Terrestrial (ST) Section President

Marcus Leslie Duldig
Senior Principal Research Scientist
Manager, Atmospheric Science Research
Ice, Ocean, Atmosphere & Climate Program
Australian Antarctic Division
Department of Environment & Water
Resources Australia

Publications   CV

Mission Statement

AOGS is a vibrant young society that regionally encompasses the fastest growing global economies.  This represents a rapidly expanding centre of science and learning and an opportunity for different viewpoints than those espoused through the AGU or EGU to be expressed.  AOGS should aim to rival EGU in influence and importance over the next decade and in the longer term to be equivalent to the AGU.

As part of this growth, AOGS needs a high quality, well cited journal.  Advances in Geosciences has had a good start over the past two years and as ST Editor-in-Chief I have ensured that the quality and range of papers appearing under the ST banner are appropriate to presenting the regional scientific advances whilst increasing the impact of the journal.  The journal must be nurtured and grow and to do this each Section President must help session convenors and section secretaries to achieve a high submission rate and to ensure that keynote and invited presenters submit their review papers.  The journal’s success will generate some capital for the Society to further its aims.

With strong leadership and encouragement of regional researchers, attendance at AOGS conferences should increase.  This will result in an improved financial situation and economies of scale for the Society.  A greater proportion of the budget should then be allocated to supporting attendance from countries where research and travel funding is more difficult to find.  To be truly regional AOGS must assist our colleagues in such situations and this must be one of the principal goals of its growth.

In the medium term I would like to see AOGS offer more awards, particularly to early career researchers.  Awards for excellence early in a career are much more valuable to a talented scientist than later in life.  I would hope that either through internal funding or through sponsorships it might be possible for AOGS to initiate such awards in a few years time when it has become solidly established.

I am an active ST researcher with over 100 refereed journal papers and over 100 other publications to my name.  I am the leader and manager of Australia’s Antarctic research program in atmospheric and space sciences.  I have a proven track record in research and research administration.

I am an Honorary (Life) Fellow of the Astronomical Society of Australia and continue to be its Secretary after 20 years in that position.  I am a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Physics and have been a national Council member for several terms over the past 2 decades.  I am currently the Institute’s national Treasurer.  I am also Secretary of the MONSEE (Monitoring of the Sun-Earth Environment) group under the auspices of the Cosmic Ray Commission of IUPAP.  I am no stranger to the work of effective committees and have a history of performance in such activities.

I am committed to the success of the AOGS, its ideals and its growth and will continue to play an active role, as long as I am able to contribute, whether elected ST President or not.




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Updated on 31 Mar 2007

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