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10/4/07 - 30/5/07
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JPGU Meeting 2007

AOGS Election of Office Bearers - 2008 to 2010


Candidate of:
Solar Terrestrial (ST) Section President

Xiaohua Deng
Principle Professor & Cheung Kong Scholar,
Institute of Electronics & Information,
Wuhan University P. R. China

Publications   CV

Mission Statement

To understanding the Sun, Heliosphere, Planetary Environments and Earth, we should take it as a whole connected and complex system. A combination of interrelated elements must o be used to achieve these objectives, including complementary missions of various sizes, timely development of enabling and enhancing technologies, and acquisition of knowledge through research, analysis, theory, and modeling.

AOGS provides an excellent and continued forum for advancing, promoting, and communicating to enhance cooperation in Asia and Oceania for the understanding of Earth and space for the benefit of humanity.

If I am selected as ST president, I will work hardly and efficiently with others under the leadership of the President of AOGS with the following main plans:

Encouraging exchange of scientific information, facilitates and knowledge, fostering a strong and diverse Earth and space science workforce by education and cultivating an intellectual environment for the nurturing of young scientists and engineers in the space science and technology.

Providing guidance, channels of communication, and adopted various measures to promote internal integration of research activities, strengthen and enhance international cooperation and exchanges, developing close cooperative relations with other international science and technology communities.

Linking researchers across different fields to address key science questions and issues lying beyond the scope of individual disciplines, identifying new areas, missions and recommending research priorities for the advancement of science and technology. Focusing on fundamental and key questions related to the Sun and the Earth, initiating and encouraging joint efforts that would led to highly productive world-wide interdisciplinary research programmes.




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Updated on 31 Mar 2007

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