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10/4/07 - 30/5/07
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JPGU Meeting 2007

AOGS Election of Office Bearers - 2008 to 2010


Candidate of:
Ocean Science (OS) Section President

Minhan Dai
Director & Chair Professor of Marine Biogeochemistry
State Key Laboratory of Marine Environmental Science
Xiamen University Xiamen China

Publications   CV

Mission Statement

My vision for AOGS is that AOGS has to be an international society. We shall promote AGOS to become the world’s AOGS. However, a first step to achieve this is that geoscientists from Asian-Oceanic regions are fully aware of AOGS and are willing to regard AOGS a major platform for the community.

My strength to serve as a president of ocean section may lie in the following aspects:

I had an early education background in China and a higher one in France, and postdoctoral/employment experiences in the US, and thus I have strong liaisons to both Europe and America. I shall thus be able to contribute to promote AOGS into an even more international perspective.

I have served many services both at the national and the international community. I have been chairing the Chinese Society of Marine Chemistry since 2000, and am currently a vice chair for China-LOICZ working group. I am a SSC member of GEOTRACES sponsored by SCOR (refer to my CV for more information).

The current position of mine as a director of State Key Lab of Marine Environmental Science (Xiamen University) manifests that I should have the administrative capability and supporting team to coordinate and organize scientific activities and events. As a chair of the local organizing committee, I coordinated, together with SOLAS IPO and made the 3rd SOLAS Open Conference (March 6-9, 2007, Xiamen, China) very successful and extremely well received. 220 participants from 33 nations gathered together during this event.

In summary, I have the experience and the willingness to well serve AOGS.  



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