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10/4/07 - 30/5/07
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JPGU Meeting 2007


Songpope Polachan
The Department of Mineral Fuels, Ministry of Energy

“Petroleum Geology of Thailand Opportunity for Explorer on the 20th Bidding Round”


Thailand can be divided into two petroleum geological provinces, Tertiary and Pre-Tertiary. Tertiary basins are widely distributed in various parts of the country from north, central, south, Gulf of Thailand and Andaman sea. Pre-Tertiary basins are mainly Triassic and Permian ages which have been found beneath Khorat Plateau in northeastern Thailand

Tertiary basins are the prime target for explorationist. Oil and gas has been produced for decades from these long-narrow-deep fluvio-lacustrine basins. Gulf of Thailand is known as an area of million reservoirs bounded by close-spacing en-echelon fault system. Directional drilling along these faults plane is the key of success. Gas is the main resources found in the depocentre of the major basin i.e. Pattani and Malay Basins whereas more and more oil found along the basin margin. Other basin in the Gulf of Thailand demonstrated that they are oil prone i.e. Chumphon and Songkla Basins.

There are more than 50 Pre-Tertiary prospects beneath the Khorat Plateau. Permian shallow marine siliclastic and platform carbonate as well as Triassic lacustrine underlain the Mesozoic Redbeds are the main target for gas.

In response to an increasing demand for energy, Ministry of Energy open the 20th bidding round on 23 May 2007 for 1 year application period. 65 blocks, 56 onshore and 9 in the Gulf of Thailand are offered to explorations. Applications will be collected on 15th of each month for evaluation. This new bidding round will be a great opportunity for oil companies to find more oil and gas to serve a growing demand for Thailand.



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Updated on 31 Mar 2007

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